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As a Certificate Interior Decorator


  •  I understand that how I conduct my business reflects on the whole CIDAA community and I will, therefore, conduct my business practice in such a way as to always protect and earn the respect of a client, my fellow decorator, the decorating industry and the public at large.
  • I will always conduct my professional activities with honesty, integrity, fairness and respect. I will not engage in personal attacks toward other members, engage in slander, or use profanities.
  • I will not initiate, engage or participate in any discussion or activity resulting in unjust harm to the reputation or business relationship of another industry professional or the CIDAA.
  • I will never accept any professional responsibilities unless adequately educated, skilled, and experienced to do so.
  • I will never divulge confidential information about clients or clients’ projects or photographs without the prior written consent of the appropriate person.
  •  I will never engage in any form of false or misleading promotional or advertising activities, and will not knowingly plagiarize or take credit for work that is not my own.
  •  I acknowledge my right to conduct my business as I see fit. I understand that to access the full benefits of the CIDAA directory and resource center, I will always display, market, and inform the public of my association in the approved and agreed upon format.
  •  I will use the CIDAA logo with respect and will not change or alter the logo in any way. All internet displayed CIDAA logos must include a hyperlink to the CIDAA website
  • Failure to follow the Code of Conduct will result in termination of CIDAA membership and all its benefits.