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Guide for Choosing an interior decorator

Every decorator has a different way of approaching design, but you can use some of these points to help choose a decorator
  • The decorator should have education, experience, and belong to a professional decorators association.
  • Their philosophy or their portfolio should seem like a good fit to your own.
  • Check to see if they are within your budget or if they can fit some of their services into your budget?
  • The most difficult areas of interiors are the kitchen and bathroom so making sure that they have experience with identifying and managing possible plumbing and electrical issues for those areas is important


Member Business Profiles

We help to create interiors that are captivating, comfortable, and a reflection of your style.
Lina is friendly, helpful and not at all intimidating or over the top in her recommendations. Her main goals are to: get to know her clients, solve any design issues and incorporate our wish list into a functional and comfortable space for us.
“The more creative you are, the more fun you can have with decorating. There is no right way to do it… Yes of course there are some general rules- but who says you have to follow them!” —Kayla Kaliszuk
With over nine years of experience in decorating, designing, and home building, Melissa fuses her passion and eye for design with your style needs to create beautiful spaces that truly reflect your personality and lifestyle.
My clients usually say, “See, I listened to you”. I educate my clients during our meetings so that the ‘why’ is understood. This is a collaborative approach and every design is approached with attention to client needs and desires and my input is to...
We ended up with a space that provided more storage, more counter top space and much better function. We never would have been able to create this on our own."
Meticulous, approachable, professional - whether your here in Edmonton or 2000 miles away, the design is realized. Truly an amazing person to work with, such creativity and originality.
Creating beautiful, functional spaces as individual as you with Kirsten or Janice
She immediately picks up on what my needs are so that we are both on the same page and offers a variance of solutions to fit the budget. She is approachable, flexible, patient and loves what she does.
Both Brenda and Michelle made us feel comfortable about addressing what we liked and what we didn’t, respected our budget, and designed and decorated our home in a way that suits our lifestyle and personalities.
Cindy was able to help us capture the style and feel that we wanted to create while building our new home. She was very knowledgeable and helped make the entire building process a true joy! Thanks Cindy
“Sue is an excellent and creative interior decorator who is always very sensitive to her customer’s needs and their budget. Sue can always find ways to compliment and accentuate a room to make it look esthetically pleasing.”
As residential interior graduates, the principals of FY Design - a décor and design company - Amanda Jackman and Heather Robertson, are certified, professional interior decorators who understand the important, leading role aesthetics plays in...
Tracy is the go-to interior designer for our company. Her taste is refined and modern, and she is simply lovely to deal with. We highly recommend her
"I highly recommend Amanda as an interior decorator and professional buyer to any who desire a true professional who has integrity, talent, dedication and perseverance."