DIDAA Calendar of Events 2017

August 2017

  • 14th                  Board Meeting - Encore Speciality Products

September 2017

  • 11th                   Board Meeting -Tile + Stone Source
  • 20th                   Urban Encounters 4pm-8pm Edmonton Expo Centre 
  • 21th-30th           Edmonton Design Week
  • 22nd-30th         Vignettes
October 2017
  • 11th                    Board Meeting Tile + Stone Source
  • 20th-22nd           Edmonton Fall Home show  


November 2017

  • 8th                        Board Meeting Tile + Stone Source
  • 15th                     Guisti Wine Event Julian Tile 6pm-10pm
  • 15th                     Cottswood Design X Fabloomosity 5:30-8pm
  • 30th                     River City Tile Company Mid Mod Night 4pm-8pm
  • 30th                     

    NKBA Prairie Provinces Chapter 

    Organizer of Inaugural Member Appreciation                                      Party-   An Event for Non-Members, Old Members and New!!

December 2017
  • 6th                       Board Meeting 5pm Sabor