DIDAA Calendar of Events 2018

  • 13th                      Executive Meeting 6pm
  • 5th                        Executive Meeting 6pm
  • 22-25                    Home and Garden Show
  • 9th                       Executive Meeting -Tile + Stone Source 6pm

  • 11th                     Designer Daze * Stay tuned for more details
  • 15th                      AGM 5:30pm Tile and Stone Source
  • 23rd                     Benjamin Moore 5pm

DIDAA Calendar of Events 2018



Product Knowledge Session

The cost to attend a product knowledge session, put on by our industry partners 

is free to our membership.  An example would be attending an open house.


Professional Development Session

The cost to attend a DIDAA Professional Development session (such as coming to listen to a

speaker on the legality of contracts) is below. This charge is to offset expenses incurred.

Member                            $25.00

Student                             $10.00

Non-member                    $40.00

Sessions can be paid by cheque  (made out to DIDAA) or through Eventbrite PayPal.