DIDAA Board Members



President: Jackie Shuya

This is my first year as president and I equate it to taking a plane ride. A bit of anxiety as you board but once in the air excitement takes over to reach the destination. And the anxiety has definitely been replaced with excitement and pleasure of forging new friendships with the people on the executive both professionally and personally; as well as expanding my network with people in the industry and being part of the decision making process of the organization. ~ Jackie


Vice-President/Industry Partner Director: Jeanine White

 "The one benefit I enjoy most about being on the executive, is the wonderful people I get to talk to on a regular basis." ~ Jeanine

Past President: Amanda

For the last 10 years I've enjoyed being a part of the DIDAA Executive as trade partner director and then as president. One of my favorite things about being on the Board of directors was that I got to know peers in the industry. I love the diversity of our backgrounds and opinions and how we collaborate to make the CIDAA successful.
~ Amanda

Secretary: Patti Holmstrom

I am delighted to be back on the Executive after a brief absence. 

I look forward to serving on the board with this group of talented individuals who volunteer their time and talents to the Association.


Treasurer: Lina O'Donnell

As this is my second year on the executive and I am excited about working with a new group of ladies with varied backgrounds. I look forward to getting to know everyone better and enjoying a positive experience on this executive!  ~ Lina

Membership Director: Diane Anderson

Getting involved has allowed me to meet many wonderful like minded people,  who are committed to the success of the DIDAA!

Education Director:  Jacqueline Allen

As the owner and operator of Jacquelyne Allen Interior Design I feel strongly about the need to stay current regarding products and trends in the industry. Arranging the Educational events for DIDAA is a great way for me to reinforce that value and stay connected.
Look forward to seeing you at our events!